Welcome to our Company's customer support mechanism .

EU Detect Force Ltd since 2015, provides all its customers, worldwide, continuous support with high quality standards.

As part of this after sell support, and after we found through complaints the sale of fake copies of our devicesthrough ads and online sales platforms from Asia,we give to you the opportunity to check, directly from your mobile phone, tablet or computer, if the machine you have in your hands or they are trying to sell to you, is genuine and made from Europe.

Enter the code Serial Number as indicated on the device in the box below and see in time, if the device is genuine..



The Serial Numberis an unique production code or otherwise the identity of the device. Each device of our Company has this code with a special mark on the back of the device usually as well as on the proof of purchase.


If the Serial Number on your device are not required in the system of our Company, contact directly with the service of us at: +30 215 2154409 or via email: [email protected]

In case you have been deceived and bought a copy of our products, without knowing it, the legal department of our Company will guide you.

Your Money's Worth!

Fake devices, no matter how "good copies" they are, are fake, have no technical support, have no warranty and in some cases are dangerous (self-igniting batteries, high radiation, etc.). Help us to stop, the smuggling of fake machines from third countries.

Use this service before buying, (used or new product), from uncertified persons.

Contact us if you suspect that they are trying to sell you a copy of our machines, even if the seller is a shop.

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