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eu detect force

The EU DETECT FORCE Ltd, headquartered in London, is a research team and intermediary of Companies for Southern Europe and especially for the wider Balkans, in specialized professional metal detection and subsoil mapping devices. At 2015 It brings as exclusive partner of the German Company UIG Detectors the famous device TITAN GER 1000 as the rest of the German Company's range of detectors. At 2016 there is a new cooperation in field research about the train of NAZI with the German Company Tero Vido and the same year presents the German Device in the Balkans exclusive for Southern Europe. At 2017 in a new cooperation with the Swedish Company Radarteam Sweden AB imports exclusively for south-eastern Europe GPR georadar system Cobra Plug inReal time sampling with up to 120 m penetration In the same year, it acquired the detector production laboratory in Istanbul Teknoloji Ekibi and manufacturesa production line of metal detectors like X6 Gradiometer, EMFEU and M1 Plus pulse, special for European soil.

With this cooperation, our Company modifies EU Detect Force Ltd.

At 2018 EU Detect Force Ltd signs a protocol of cooperation with with European Institute "European Cooperative Protection of Cultural and Archaeological Heritage".

At 2020 our Company brings to the Balkans in exclusive cooperation with SPH Engineering. The SPH Engineering is a Leader Company in the construction of drone control software for unmanned missions. These integrated systems perform air or ground missions without the presence of a pilot, whether it is 3d underground scanning with georadar, thermal scanning, aerial photography, filming, search and rescue, military or police operations, surveillance or other areas that may you are interested.

Our team did many missions in deferents parts of Europe, Asia and North Africa, where the diversity of the land and the soil were representative for all occasions, the result, gave us the best experience to distinguish between metal detectors and subsoil .

The devices of EU DETECT FORCE Ltd, have been selected with the strictest criteria by our experts and are constantly tested by us in real conditions. That is why we sign them and recommend them to you for their effectiveness. Made in England, USA, Sweden and Germany and are exclusively use only from professionals like civil engineers, archaeologists, construction contractors, etc., who seek absolute accuracy in their measurements for finding underground tunnels, shelters, pipelines, underground and concrete reinforcements, metal objects, etc. with a delivery time of ten to fifteen working days from your order. EU DETECT FORCE Ltd, provides training with continuous seminars by expert partners, certified in USA, Sweden and Germany for the use of devices.


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